Sunday, October 28, 2007

Repeated Pics

Im back.. But not for long.. gotta be off doing something else too. Anyway,ive been taking a few repeated pics for my features in terms of same angling and same almost everything. Not much a a difference in terms of the photoes, but i guess that is because i jus wasnt too sure which one was better. But i guess, my next photoshoot project for my warhammer fiures will not have anymore repetitive stuff.. But pls bare wif some the entries that are repetitive for the moment.

Feast ur eyes now, for the March of the Imperial Knights,

The Knights of the Inner Circle, from the Black Cross Detachment marching to meet the Chaos Knights

The Resolute Knights in their shining armor.

Gonna get HIGH ELF ARMY BOOK SOON!!!!.. Its coming..and so is winter....

Time to steel urselves!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Winter is Coming.. And so is War.

The calm before the storm has arrived. Partly also due to the fact that i got exams coming and i will be giving the internet and my computer a time out before i get back on. ANd after tht, it will be furious painting of warhammer and trying to complete the big task of what i said myself to do for warhammer. My paints are gonna get ready to be used up.

On top of tht, Im gonna acquire the High elf ary book and get ready for battle in PI. I will be rallying my group to start goingfor battles in the Warhammer Community. Hence, get ready all opponents.. cos winter is coming and the Bretonnian Vanguard of Tempest approaches...

Till then enjoy my pics..

The Knight Captain has rallied his Companions.

His Knights move off alongside him to intercept the Chaos forces. Silently, the knights consent to the fact that they will have to unleash the battle frenzy inside them to deal with the evils of Chaos, drive them out of Imperial land and smite them with the full glory and honour of their shining blades of steel and sharp points of their lances, for they are the Knights of the Inner Circle, sworn to defend the Emperor and protect the Empire.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Knight Commander rallies his men

The Imperial Captain draws his sword. Pointing Front, he awaits the arrival of his Knights to begin his march off against the enemy, Chaos. The sun sets upon a land that will soon require the strength and courage of the Imperial Knights to fight off the entities that bestow their land with doom.

The Knight draws out his sword....

As sun begins to set...

Busy Busy pe li si...... As for other news, Im so drawn by the new release of the High Elves, I hve to set aside a certain amount of capital for buying the High elf army book.. GOSH HIGH ELVES!!! I HATE THEM YET I LOVE THEM!! ARGGHHH!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Elves have returned

Its the weekly entry yet again and for this week i have news buzz on warhammer that will take over my usual daily feature.

The topic for this week would be the arrival of the High Elves. Yes, after Orcs and Goblins, the next released has finally landed and is ready for advance internet orders. THe High Elves have been upgraded so much and a lot of things have changed for them that from uber gay, they have become something else.

Now they are so overpowering, it makes my knights of bretonnia quiver at the sore sight of overloading magic and dragons. Indeed, somehow or another, the elves are able to field an awful sight of 3 dragons. Furthurmore, with ther warmachines and the revised rules for many units.. it seems it will be mch more difficult to take on WT now. I presuming Chaos Mortal Army would do better. But if the mortal army doesnt have any warmachines (other than the hell cannon) and a small percentage of demons.. U cant grind ur way to the Elven Army now.. Cos with the revival of the White Lions and their gay chariot.. And enuff magic and dragons.. its gonna be really hard now to deal wif the pesky lean men.

I am now so tempted to get a High Elf Army.. perhaps a 500 pt one for starters. :p Definitely will buy up the army book for sure, as they finally reveal a clearer picture of High Elf history.


Furthurmore, the MMORPG Warhammer Online is showing very big progress with the revealing of the High Elves and Dark Elves. Character Classes seem very promising and on top of tht the concept art looks fantastic as u can see from the above. (GOD I HATE THE ELVES FOR BEING BEAUTIFUL)

Hopefully its gonna be a great game because in my opinion, the trailer was rather good and i hope it wont be a disaster like Warhammer: Mark of Chaos where the CGI trailers was almost like a movie but the game was like "sigh". (Furthurmore, advertising and selling of the game wasnt even international done) and well hopefully i can play it cos im scared the requirements and lousy internet will make it very hard for me to take on the game smoothly.

TEMPTATION SO STRONG to jus immediately buy all the high elf stuff... I must refrained!!! UGH..