Friday, December 28, 2007

A CLash of Swords

And so both commanders eye each other in the midst of the melee. It was a call to meet the challenge between mutual enemies. Instinctively, both commanders with their pride on the line, spur their steeds on against their counterpart...

The Imperial Captain Attacks!

Steel met steel as the two Commanders pit themselves against each other. Their Swords clash like thunder and what seem like an eternity ended in a moment as one man's sword fell from his hand while the other had the first taste of blood......

With regards to the picture, i really like how the focus is on the Imperial Commander which is furthur away than the Chaos Kniht commander, but i guess it isnt say exceptionally great. In any case, enjoy it once again and there will be more to come.

As for my models, i have already 60% painted my 6 bowmen and highlighted my last set of knights. Will not be so active next week as i will be away.. but shall keep u updated on stuff.

Cheerio.. and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Charging Moment

Back with my photo feature.

The Imperial Knight at the same angle as before, but this time he is one with his steed, as his unit charge to the Chaos Knights

The Knight is Ready

Like this picture a lot, and I got quite nice feedback on the last one that has a similiar post but a slightly different angle. Nonetheless, great figure done by Joshua.

And so, with the actions of th Imperial Knight, it acts as a catalyst to the Chaos knights, causing them to respond with bloodlust and the yearning to hear the clash of steel and the taste of blood.

With a raise of the Commander Sword. The Chaos Knights charge towards their charging enemies...

The Leaders Clash
The Chaos Knight Commander leading his men on the Charge..

Another nice pic with nice painting.. dun u tink so? well i cant speak much for my own painting, but i must say i like the contrast and the colour of the Chaos Knight and the Sky. :P But i guess thats just my opinion.

Anyway, onto other news, WT thrashed my Chaos Army with his new High Elf Army. We finally got the rules sorted out and well, i guess this time, i was outwitted, outplayed and owned in both Combat and Magic Phases. WT was dominating in the magic phase as i did not commit any magic defenses against him. On top of that, I had really lousy luck and bad rolls fo psychology. I always kept on failing my Psychological Rolls that made things really bad for my army.

Oh well, Still, WT has failed to put a dent to my record of zero defeats against his High Elves from my Bretonnians. Next Battle if Joshua is free, wud be, Empire against the New High Elves. It would definitely be something to watch as Josh loves spreading out his options of Magic, Shooting and Combat throughout his Imperial Army. But i guess a date must be set before we can do that. Till then, stay tuned for my next report and picture feature.

Chaos to all!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The High Elf Vs Bretonnian Showdown

Its Battle Report time. It been a long time since i last played warhammer but it has finally come to Weiting taking me on with the New High Elf Army.

I must say, the High Elf Army really packs a heavy punch this time round. Everytime I successfully charged one of his units, i face the brunt of his units "speed of Asuryan Ability" That means i have to lose a few units of Knights here and there before actually inflicting damage.

I chose a full brunt Calvary Army but that made me totally naked when it comes to Magic but i figured that the High Elves will have dominion over my magic phase and so it didn't really matter or me to not put any magic characters at all.

The First turn saw me getting chipped away by WT's High Elf Magic and that really hurt alot.

2nd turn, i finally face the power of the high elves in combat. Finally, the high elves are no pushover. In fact, they are now far from tht. The Magic Booster done by WT, made the High Elves stubborn and made my weapon skill equivalent to one. My pegasus Knights got eliminated amazingly fast and i was soon getting dragged down to a long and bloody fight which tend to be not a very good thing. On top of that, he was able to slay my general and thus, that left me with a serious problem.

3rd turn, although i was able to eliminate his Silver Helms Regiment, His spearmen was dragging and stalling my two units of Knights that got commited to charging them. With their magical stubborn ability casted by WT, i could not get the Spearmen to break, and this caused my two main units of Knights of the Realm to be bogged down and vulnerable to attacks.

Thankfuly, My Grail Knights with a stroke of luck was able to defeat his Phoenix Guards and i later crashed on against His Mage.

4th turn. In the end, with a stroke of bad lucki defeated his Phoenix Guards and Swordmen of Hoeth which ultimately ended the game for him. But even during the final part, he still could have a possiblity of winning if luck was on his side.

The Blessing of the lady was my saving grace. But i must say, the next fight against WT's High Elf will most definitely be harder.

High Elf Warriors (Not to be messed around with anymore)

But i still WON!! hehe, WT still hasnt beat me yet! lol

I shall be facing his High Elves again. But this time i shall be using the Chaos Mortal Army.

And then, there is Joshua and His Imperial Army before we at least try once against the Community in PI.

On other notes, i have already started color coding 6 Bowmen and getting ready to based my 6 Knights i have been so earnest working on. It is a little behind schedule withregards to the painting deadline. But i am trying my best to do as fast as I know how without compomising quality.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Two sides await for one to make a move... Neither side flinching...

A brief moment of silence filled the air before the Imperial Commander raises his sword to issue the charge on his riders.


An eruption of Chaotic roar from both sides echoed thru the grounds as both calvary units charges at each other with fearsome power... The Battle Begins!

A really nice photo taken with the help of Joshua. I really like the shading and the colour content of the sky and the dark armour of the Imperial Captain Knight. It gives a real nice contrast of colours in the picture and i do hope u enjoy it. :D

With regards to my warhammer stuff, i plan to complete all my basing and highlights of my Bretonnian Army by this month end. On top of tht, i plan to also complete my final amount of 22 bowmen by this month end too. The rest of the project will be done by january 2008. After that, i shall create a new project plan for next year.

Till the next tiresome entry.. Toodle loo