Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Imperial Perseverence.

Imperial Spearman

Greetings again and I apologise for the late reply. I must say that it has been a busy time for me and it will only get more insane.

Before I start, I would like to say, Thanks to Yur for that really great comment and contemplation about my post. Josh and I do appreciate your continue support.

So here, we go more in depth into the IMPERIAL HALBERDIER.

The halberd is a two-handed pole weapon that consist of a axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft. Its a weapon that can adopt the attack method of the spear and yet cut down enemies like an axe. In a regiment, this weapons can have the same defense as a spear but have a more versatile attack.

However, in my opinion, against the swift force of a sword, a one on one duel would see the halberdier in a disadvantage as the halberd is a heavy weapon that is not as agile as a one handed sword.

Nonetheless, if you were a knight charging into a regiment of halberds, I think, you would probably think twice, (even when you wield a lance)

Well, on the painting progress for me, I have continued some minor add ups to my men at arms and it has been rathe rslow in progress. But don't worry, I will be getting back to it as soon as i have the time.

Though it will take awhile. As for now, Enjoy the pics. And Have fun!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Imperial Halbeirders

Good day again. I am back with this weeks entry.

Today, we feature the sturdy resillient Imperial Halbeirdiers.
Imperial Spearmen and their Commander
This models were painted courtesy of Paintedfigs.

I refer back to Joshua's entry in which he pointed out that he is dismayed by the common depiction of empire always getting beat up real badly by the unstoppable power of chaos.
I believe i have an explanation to it.

It all lies in one word: Humanity.

Throughout the age of man (in real life), we have seen great tyranny and despair. In its symbolism, it can be related to the power and fear that chaos strikes into our heart. Now if chaos were nothing but a small flu or a little snort on the north of the empire. Wouldn't the world be a far better place to live in.

In fact, in our modern world today, we are fortunate enough to not experience the tyranny or great evil that is chaos froma ny country or political regime. And we are glad to have super powers who adopt the stance of general goodness or fighting for the rights of humanity.

However, i wont go into greater detail of our present day. What makes Empire and Bretonnia so iconic? It is the fac tthat while man is a feeble race, they are capable of so many great things.

And it can only be seen through a time of hardship and despair. Heroes are never born in times of peace. But usually in times of great war or great tragedy.

The goodness of mankind is never more illuminated in that way. As a result, in the warhammer world, for such heroes to rise up, there must be the presents of a great evil or a great plague that seems to bring misery to the world in an unstoppable force.

Everybody likes a David & Goliath story where the meek or the weak truimphs over the Big and Strong.

The portrayal of Chaos whooping everyones ass is to further emphasis on its superiorty, so when the lesser races win off Chaos, there is a bigger sense of achievement through it.

To lift the Empire to a greater status than is portrayed in Images by Games Workshop, i say this, with all its might, its power, its darkness, corruption and UBER powerful stats, chaos is unable to sweep through Empire.

Even during the Mark of Chaos, which was a large global campaign that was held in which it centred upon Archaon, the Lord of End times, rallying a massive horde army to sweep past Middleheim and onwards more to the rest of the Empire, failed terribly.

It actually speaks alot of how great the Empire is. Face with such terror, the sturdy "David" of the Old World, stands Defiant against the "Goliath" of the north.

And like the picture displayed above, they are as relentless as their enemies, ready to stand fast against Chaos, no matter how lousy their odds are.

And that is essentially what Empire is. Don't you think so?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bret Bowmen

Hello Wargamers!

Hope you all are having a great day, and once again, we have a shot of JQ's Bretonnian bowmen, with bow strings taut, and ready to fire off a salvo of arrows onto foes of the proud kingdom.

To actually pull a longbow and shoot the arrow so that it pierces armor was an extremely difficult feat in Medieval times. The bowmen needed a high amount of strength, so much that skeletons of dead archers had deformed left arms, bone spurs (the onset of arthritis) on the left wrist and shoulder, and the right fingers. It was so difficult to master using the bow that English monarchs had to actively encourage the use of the bow throughout the kingdom...so that in time of war, they had a fearsome range advantage (the English were famed in Europe to be the best in armor penetration with bows).

Also, sticking arrows in the ground not only increased the rate of fire, but also the chance of infection upon the target...and arrow removal was not to pull it out (like in movies), but to actually push it through all the way in and out the other side (an extremely painful process, ugh). So maybe add an infection rule to arrows in warhammer? It'll be interesting...haha.

Well, it's about time for me to hand this humble blog back over to JQ, and once again, thanks for coming down and sharing with all of us the joy of fantasy miniatures and wargaming.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Chaotic Charge

Hello Hobbyists!

Continuing with our feature on JQ's Khorne regiment, we have a picture of a regiment of Chaos warrior champion charging into his Imperial foes.

As an Imperial player, I am kind of dismayed of the common image of Empire getting creamed by Chaos. In the trailers of Age of Reckoning and Mark of Chaos, Empire gets trashed. True fact I have to admit haha...and yet Empire troops may be best suited to fight Chaos with strong calvary, powerful canons, focus on shooters, wide range of magic etc. And yet Chaos is pretty suited against the Empire, with strong magic, high strength/toughness (for some units) etc. Of course, one can say the reason why Empire is always attacked by Chaos is by virtue of geography, bummer.

Is the warhammer world really all about killing? :P

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

More Khorne

Hey Everyone!

Today we continue with another shot of JQ's Khorne warrior regiment, this time marching in a forest in search of glory in battle and death...this shot was taken with WT's canon ixus camera.

Interestingly, the major conflict between the Chaos gods, Khorne (war, hatred) and Slaanesh (hedonism, lust) is situated upon a fine difference between death and suffering. Khornate disciples strive to cause death with killing, while suffering...a product of such killing pursuits, serves to strengthen Slaanesh instead. It's pretty dark to remark that the ubiquitous soldier has less to fear from Khornate forces, since death is sometimes a better alternative to suffering, enslavement, torture etc. by Slaaneshi units.

Since GW has come up with such intricate Chaotic theology, sometimes I wonder if there's a chance that anyone who plays warhammer actively agrees with any of the Chaos gods, and inculcates it into their lifestyles. Of course that would seem pretty extreme, and yet don't we find ourselves committing some of the characteristics of the Chaos powers? Like hatred for others, lusting over a woman, desire to control fate etc., would be actions that religions will label as sin (at least I know for Christianity). At least for me, I wouldn't feel comfortable playing a Chaos army (with any of the gods in particular) and yet I cannot boast that I am so pure a person that I am 100% free of those sins, or 'Chaotic actions' in my life...which would point to my own need for Christ as my saviour from eternal death in sin (it's my religious viewpoint).

How do you view the fictional religion in warhammer (or other fantasty settings)? Do they intersect with current beliefs that you may hold?