Monday, August 25, 2008

The Blade and the Wind

Back to WT;s piece of work again. Definitely a nice pic to go with the title, 'The Blade and the Wind"
The Elves are always ever graceful. Ever Snobbish but yet Ever so good in their skills with the blade.

Sideview of the Elf Leader
Damn I love the background and their armour.

WT has done a real good job on painting the armor. It took him quite some time to do it, but other than these work, the lazy bum hardly has time to Paint anything else. Can't really blame him. :p

Thts about it for this post. Cheerios

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Knight Errant on a closeup.

So here we have the Knight Errant again. This is a closeup pic which provides my details on the paint job of his face. Had to add a few modifications here and there to make him look more detailed and emphatic in look.

Knight Errant Gallant Closeup
Knight Errant with a Lance.

Really love the Knight Errants and their simple-coloured heraldry compared to the other more complicated Heraldries for the other Higher ranking knights. I wanted a red and blue heraldry to mark that they were part of the Royal Regiment. At the same time, it adds a different glow and taste to my Bretonnian army.

And now for updates, i haven't continue painting for a REAL long time.. but i will be shifiting my focus soon and will get on to complete what i set out to do. So men-at-arms.. get ready to be painted soon.

On another note, the Warhammer Online game is coming with a big resounding bang. Lots of hype on the release of the game and Beta server has almost reaching its million mark. Its been said and believed that it will be the next big thing in gaming and on top of that it is said to be slated to take over WOW 5 year dominance in the MMORPG industry. But all will be more clearly known when the game is out.

At the same time, im caught in a rift of whether to join this amazing game. To add salt to the wound, tht wud mean selling my soul to this game. Furthermore, unlike Warcraft... Warhammer has been my mainstay in terms of Fantasy Gaming. (Like you didnt noe.. -_-)

I must not BUY IT NOW though..
Perhaps a self revelation on the game would provide me a clearer picture of what decision i should make. Of course, the decision will probably be mostly influenced by my compatriots and friends who see this game as a jewel too.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Favourite Knight Errant

Knight Errant Gallant on the March
The Lonesome Knight Errant in the Dark Night.

Been on a busy schedule to come up with an entry the past few days. But I'm back here with my favourite knight errant pic. I really like the lonesome atmosphere this Knight errant gives.

The Knight Errant is on his lonely march to achieve knighthood. Every individuals Knighthood pursuit is different. But it all involves the lonesome arduous task of achieving it.

On the note of my progress of doing my warhammer models, i hate to say it but i have not been doing anything at all. Things have just been rather a big blur for me and i haven't really got my focus and time to do my men-at-arms. Perhaps when time finally comes to a standstill where i can finally here myself breathing and THINKING peacefully, will i be able to pick up the brush again and continue on with the project.