Monday, October 27, 2008

The Knight with the Dragon helm

The Bretonnian Knights of Warhammer remind me very much of the Knight in George R. R. Martin's Novel, "Song of Ice and Fire" Knights. They are a wide array of Knights with different coloured heraldries.. and most importantly, there are many with shaped helms that resembled various beast of some sort.

Here is one of my Knight of the Realms with a Dragon Helm. The contrast of the picture is alluring and i was really digging into the Teal Blueish Metallic color of the dragon with the dark outlines.

The Blue Dragon Knight
The Knight of the Realm with a Dragon Helm...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Since I do not have a great big variety in my collection of warhammer, thus i started doing aspect shots and get certain figures or pieces to make an artistic construct of a photo.

I started witht he lone sword in the desert sand but it seem pretty plain.

Sword in the Sand

Thus, I added a few more items to make the final phototake. Today, the piece is called the fallen knight, in which there is a concrete head from a statue of a knight in the sand with a sword and a shield.

It gives the sense of the forgotten fallen knights of countless battles.

Tomb of the Fallen Knight
Remnants of the Desert.

Richer view f the Tomb
His body fades in the dust of the desert.. But his honour and knighthood remains....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Silouette Shot of the Grail knight

The Grail Knight Musician.

The Sound of Battle was never closer to anyone other than the musician himself.
The Attack Call.. The Marching Tune... There are very few things brings most men to cry for battle. And the Musician plays a great part.

The Horn of Battle
I like the nice contrast feel of the silouette. And most definitely wishing that Bretonnian Grail Knights could be a class in the new MMORPG.. Warhammer Online. :p

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Trumpet call

The Grail Musician
The Trumpet sound of the Grail Knight

The Grail Knight is poised and ready, sounding the horn to rally his pious brothers of the Lady of the Lake to fight for the cause of their religion and their King. Holy Warriors of Bretonnia.

This Grail Knight unlike the Unhelmed Knight Errant, he doesnt really look all tht charming or splendid looking. His bowl-shaped haircut so iconic with church monks of the medieval times shows that as an individual, he is pious beyond others and it displays a certain sense of dread to enemies of the faith.

Grail Knight Awesomeness.