Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi people. Im back with the good stuff. Oh yes. Our Warhammer pics jus keep getting better and better.

THis next few weeks, It will still be a Bretonnian Galore. And much as u bretonnian Haters out there dislike the bretonnians. This pics are pretty awesome.

For my first post, we have a knight of the Realm ranging with his fellow squire bowman. On the lookout for game and also for danger, the two companions must depend on each other in the dark wilderness.

With chaos having free range of various areas and monsters lurking everywhere, men needs to depend on their companions to fend in the wild. Only a few type of men would dare venture alone in such dark times.

While the Knight Errants have blinded chilvary to fuel their sense of exploration to travel alone, and questing knights in search for the grail do quest in solitute and the Grail knights whom are holy men who knows no fear may sometimes venture into the depth of evil alone, any mere mortal fool hardy enough to copy these type of men on such perilous lifestyles will be tested.

And sad to say, many wont make it out of the fate of death.

Knight of the Realm and his Bowman
Knight of the Realn and his Bowman

This is probably the first time we have change our scenery. As you may noticed now. Its green and its foresty. Green aint mean in my eyes anymore. And furthermore Im happy to make new changes to our diorama. While it looks pretty basic, im proud to give you guys a change of scenery rather than just always giving the open air sky for u.

Till next time, continue your unwavering support.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bretonnian Honor (and a wider discussion)

Hey Everyone

Thanks for coming down to this blog for your fix of good ol' warhammer geekiness, and this time, we have a double feature of JQ's Bretonnian nobles, among the boldest and most virtuous of the Old World: A Grail Knight and a Paladin.

So here's a close-up of the Paladin's helm as he rides a mighty pegasus:

And a profile of JQ's Grail Knight clad in white and blue:

These Bretonnians represent some of the finest warriors of the kingdom, and as heroic as they can be...they are still human afterall. Even though humans are known to have mediocre stats (or simply crap in some cases), we have to ask ourselves: what motivates such a race to keep putting on armor and taking up arms against foes of greater toughness, strength, skill or numbers? What allows them to have a chance to hold their own in spite of their frail mortality? I can't really put a finger on this, and I am not trying to lionize the human race in warhammer (I try my best not to haha)...I'd just like to ask: do we take warhammer so seriously that we deeply consider aspects of the warhammer world and their attendant consequences (like in this case)?

Well, we're dealing with a totally made-up universe, which is shaped by the pen of the people at Games Workshop (and fans like us), and suffers from constant wave of new editions and 'planned obsoleteness' of armies. And yet wargaming as much as Shakespearan literature, is a specific part of the wider representation of ideas, histories and philosophies we have in the real world...I kinda feel that works of fiction tell a lot about the people behind it, and those who read into it. Stuff/topics of consideration can be in the range of the glorification of integrity, honor and duty, the cruel and uncompromising nature of inquisitions (more 40k-ish), seduction in the desire to become 'like gods' (read: Chaos), time being a lousy healer in grudges (dwarves vs. elves) and the list can go on...perhaps you have been thinking about something that I have barely even thought of!

Of course, I wouldn't like to over-theorize warhammer too much, because after all: we're all here to have some fun and save some memories for the future :)

And following our rotation scheme, I would be handing the blog back to JQ, and indeed, it has been my real pleasure of getting to know all of you fellow enthusiasts out there. Take care, and let's warmly welcome JQ back!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Pegasus Knight

Hello Everyone

For today we bring you JQ's paladin mounted on a Royal Pegasus, a fearsome and gallant sight for all to see on the battlefield...perhaps a glimmer of hope for the quaking hearts of the Men-at-Arms in the face of terrifying adversaries (read: morale failure and the knight's vow).

Paladins are the mainstay of Bretonnian leadership in battle, as they provide able guidance, marshal prowess, and confidence to embolden the hearts of many. They have almost similar stats with the Imperial Captain, the only difference lying in BS (Captain's 5 vs. Paladin's 3, a small difference since paladins don't engage in ranged combat).

One thing about playing humans in warhammer is the 'mediocre' stats...since it is common for non-character units for other factions (Chaos, High Elves etc.) to have stats that equal or better a human character's. Therein lies the challenge of playing balance non-character units and characters to combat enemies with superior stats.