Monday, November 26, 2007

The Knight at an angle

Hi there again!

Today's feature is a great picture of Joshua's Imperial Knight. The Angle used to take the picture made it look really cool in terms of details and colour tone. I must also add that it is a great picture taken and a great model done by Joshua

And so as the Imperial Knightly Order gaze upon their enemy across the battlefield. There seem to be an eerie calm before the inevitable vicious fighting occurs. The Knights stare calmly at their enemies, the Chaos Knights, while the Chaos Knights stare back with equivalent menace and bloodlust.

One of the Knights from the Imperial Side stabilises his Lancce before he gets ready to go thick in battle.

The forces get into their position as the Regiments of Chaos Warrior, Knights and Marauder set themselves up to face off with the Imperial Knights and their men. Time trickles faster as the beginning of sword clashing edges to its start point..

The fate of many.. yet still unknown

Onto other note, i have been struggling to highlight my knights, but i have already white undercoat my 22 bowmen. There is so little time even after school days to do my models. Nevertheless, i still have enuff time to get things done and am contented wif having to be able to paint them. Especially when i have already acquired all the paint i need to deal with the unpainted figures.

Till the next entry.. See ya

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Winter has arrived

And so finally, i have finished my busy schedule of academics and it is time for preparation to go to war and have crazy warhammer fun on top of intensive painting. As many have known, High Elves are out and it is totally awesome. I shall be getting the army book, but im restraining myself from buying a new set of army that i might have to paint on top of my large amount of unpainted figures i need to cater too.

Onto the picuture, The Captain of the knight sets off from a Castle into the conflict zone. The Castle was yet another pit stop before meeting their adversaries. The Knights stay strong as they prepare to face blood and gore.

The Knight Captain gestures onward to attack while the sky darkens and cast a shadow upon the Castle on the background.

War shall begin.. and the warmongers are hungry on both sides. They crave battle and glory.. and the knights are gearing for a piece of action.

Well wif me being off the academic hook and on a break of sort for myself, i can focus heavily on accomplishing the motives i have set out wif regards to painting my warhammer stuff. On top of actually playing the game.

So till the next time, i would update u on what i shall get done, which at the moment would be the final touch up and basing of my Bretonnian Army that has been painted already.. Will also be rallying WT and Josh to join me in battling other ppl in the local community. This will be followed by a photoshoot of the next collection of warhammer stuff that i will be taking pics of, with Joshua.

Toodle loo

Monday, November 05, 2007

The knights' march

The Knights on their marching formation as they make the long journey to te conflict zone. Travelling from town to town, they seek news of the happenings and the movement of the enemy. In a line formation, they march forth from the start of the morning into the late hours of the day before reaching another town to seek solace.

The Captain leads his retinue in the morning...

The Trek goes on till late afternoon..... while the sun shines brightly over their gleaming armor.

I need not point out the fact that it wont be long before i can start with my Warhammer again, as i have mention in a lot of times.