Friday, April 25, 2008


Welcome back to yet another entry of the High Elves. Today.. We see the Great Swordmasters of Ulthuan in the foreground of Grey Sky.

I like what WT has done to the elves. They all look so handsome. Damn elves and their high charisma.

Anyway enjoy the Pic.. and tell me more about it.. Don't really have the whole "fantasy" mode in my head now to actually come up with something awesome to say. :p lol

Sword Masters
Resolute Swordmasters of Ulthuan..

Ive been so preoccupied wif so many things to do.. i havent put great effort into my figures. I have been colouring the bases of my Bowmen but havent really go on to doing the Men-at-arms or starting on my new Bowmen. Nonetheless, there is still a certain amount of progress.

Nothing else much to say this week.. Jus ZZZZ

May sleep be with u.. cos its gonna be wif me for now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Elven Swordsmen

It maybe 3 days late.. but i have assignments, a very good excuse for a late entry.

And so now, I start on the elven swordsmen series of pictures.. Havent really focus on this dudes that are done by my friend, WT.

This elven swordsman is meticulously done by WT who is always having somemore stuff to actually reedit about the figure.

Like the whole drybrushing and colouring he has done though.

Elf Leader looks forth

The Elf Leader looks forth... seeking the enemy.

Donning White and Bright Elven Armor, the Elf Leader looks at a distance, overseeing the lands and protects it from the Raiders and Enemies.

Im quite sure that the dude has not done anything for Warhammer though. With Regards to the High Elves, i have already commited to making a small army of High Elves since i have bought the army book. But still so many things to paint and fix.. So little time.

Still, I am able to get some time to be able to finish the 3 Bowmen tht i have been stalling with since my arrival and departure from Singapore. Now i shall be brown basing them and highlighting my Men-at-arm regiment soon. This shall be also done in consecutive progress with the 4 Extra Bowmen i brought with me from SG. I shall be doing it up here and finishing my entire collection of Bowmen here.

In a certain way, im feeling that, unlike many warhammer gamers.. im gonna be able to near the point of completely painting my army full and be able to play intensively sometime soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Heraldry of the Knight

This is one of my abstract picture taking of my models. This heraldry shot gives a very medieval feel to the picture. The whole inperfect painted style makes the picture look all the more nicer and realistic of the days of fantasy where perfection is the least of everyone's concern..

Enjoy the wonderful pic of the Heraldry of Bretonnia and its beauty. Hope this abstract shot ois appreciated by u all ;)

Beautiful Heraldry

The White Lion Heraldry of a Knight at Realms.

The pic has a very small hue of blurness to make it looks cooler. Hope u like it!

On a Sidenote, theres a lot happening for Warhammer. There is the release of the Vampire Count Army which has a lot of new crap that are already in stores. On top of that, there are rumors that the next army to be release is the Dark Elves. And omg.. what about warhammer online.. There so much shit going on for warhamme rin contrast to my military hobby. On top of that, the gaming community in SG under the Paradigm Infinium is holding a Tournament this June, which i dun tink i can attend due to exams!! -_- and there will be a gaming convention featuring Warhammer Fantasy at the end of the year which is apparently gonna be quite big...

WOw WOw Wee WOw.. its nerd galore again... Im gonna FORCE josh and WT to go.. MUAHHAHA

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Closeup on the Miserable Humans

Life has been so busy.. I barely have time to write this entry. I havent even wrote for my personal blog or chit chat wif frens on my other blog. UGH

And so the final pic of the miserable Knightly retinue trekking across the desert. Their doom loom before them as they ran out of supplies of food and water and dehydration takes effect.

But the Bretonnian Strength, Honour and pride will sustain the group at least more than normal men can trek.. But faith is dampening as the harshness of the weather take their lives away bit by bit.

Enjoy the rather ok picture.

Bret Retinue in the Harshland

3 Men and a Knight

HAhaha, and its hilarius to know that ppl think ur models are cute. In any case, this men-at-arms have not been highlighted yet or improved yet.. so they will look less like plain joes and more like better Warhammer figures.

But as for now, time is tight.. and so my opportunities on painting is a struggle to say the least.. and in a worst case scenario, it is dormant as hell.

Will startup on it once i get back on track wif the time available.