Saturday, August 26, 2006

Silver Helm

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Nothing much really, Found this portrait picture of a Silver Helm and though it is in its default colour scheme, Kinda find the drawing quite nice.

As for the Warhammer Campaign, The adventurers have stumbled across an Oriental Traveller in the midst of a Village, Bohsentols. Apparently, the Traveller seeks to understands the grave signs that has appeared around his homeland and prepare his kingdom for what is to come and thus has travelled all the way west to find any information that could conclude the signs. He was lead to the Empire where he heard a General of an Imperial might know of it. But many occurances have forewarned the weary adventurers of helping the traveller. From Deathknights to Chaos Raiders, things are starting to stir up, as the adventurers trek the route back to the City Castle.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Grail Knight against a Chaos Warrior

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The picture gives a good ambience of conflict between the good and evil. And I'm proud to say that the detail and layering of my Grail Knight is not bad at all. The pose is also nice, with the Grail Knight in a striking pose with his hammer swinging towards the oncoming Chaos Warrior, painted by paintedfigs.

In other news, The campaign has started with the first meeting starting off with new scenario and a skirmish game at the start. Be prepared for many more topics converse on the Forum. ;)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Paintedfigs rules them all.

For most part of this year, I have used the great services of introduced to me from a forum and i must say it is THE best painting services i have witness. I have searched far and wide and there is no close contender that can match paintedfigs prices and no service that can also match its diversity. Paintedfigs though specialises in Minatures, they are also recently venturing to model kits too. Though it is those of the relatively sturdy kind. Though i wanna be selfish and get them for myself only, they deserve all the advertising they can get. With quality that really matches or betters their competitors and a philosphy that really doesnt make u feel bad to ask them to paint for you. It is a very unique business that is both trustworthy and also reliable.
On top of that, Paintedfigs way of processing orders are very personal and this makes me very comfortable. This is the way to go for all those Wargamers and Painters who just have too much at hand and want someone to help make their models come to life wif paint and their ideas really brought down to work with the help of individual who take the passion to make this become a reality.

At first i was really apprehensive about it. The first time doing e-shopping that requires a more delicate process and i wasnt really sure about the guarentee. On top of my principles that i wanted to paint everything myself, so that it gives a sense of belonging of my army. But lets face it, if u dun have the time to paint it, U will never be able to. On top of that, if u wanna paint something, i believe that u must really put in ur time and do it delicately, rather than rush it and make a badjob out of it. So why not give these guys to turn ur dull looking gargolyes to figures of surreal colour that makes Wargaming and even just collecting figures a more enjoyable thing.

I still do most of my own painting. Looking at my stuff forming up faster than it has in years, i must say, paintedfigs has contributed in making my world of warhammer develop and reach greater heights i tot wud take more years to accomplish or even goals that were impossible within a certain timeline all for the lowest price on Earth. No gimmic, no scam. Just pure passion and heart and hardwork


Heres to u all. Rock on!

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Great models done by