Friday, March 21, 2008

Trekking Adventurers

Hi all again.. Its been a long long long week and i cudnt do the entry for last week. Im barely even managing to post this entry.. Its been jus so busy.. and sometimes.. hobbies gotta take one side when life requires too much time.

Without furthur ado.. here are the adventurers.. travelling along the chaos wasteland.. and towards the fortress. The leader, a Knight of the Realm leads his men at arms across the harsh climate of this chaos habitat. Trekking for days and having fought off many chaos warriors and chaos demons, the retinue wearily marches on..

Trekking through the wasteland
The 3 Men-At-Arms with the Knight

Desert Taking a Toil on the retinue
Walking on....

Pls note, my Men-at-arms is not really fully highlighted and fully complete in term of the definition of the faces.. Hence the picture is not as good as it suppose to be. So Sorry

In any case, i hope u enjoy... With regards to warahmmer news.. the Vampire Count Army has been released and it is the main feature for Warhammer Fantasy for this period of time. Go check it out on the main site. As for me.. Im slow in progress for the post entry. Thus, i also do not have time to actually tend to finishing the Bowmen anytime yet.

Till my next entry next week, when i am back in KL. Cheers

Friday, March 14, 2008

Warhammer 08!

I have finally finish that volume of pictures that Josh and I had taken for Warhammer in 2007. Next will be the start of the new batch of pics that Josh and i kinda rushed to take in the hols of 2007 for the 2008 year. Better shots and more perspective than before. Haha if that even made any sense.

So to start off, here is a rather ok pic of a Bretonnian retinue marching on foot in an adventure..
One Knight and his trusty 3 men-at-arms trekking thru the lands in search of advenutre (CHEESY).. But well, i never really got to doing a small group shot before i Tink and it is a nice clean shot of the Bretonnians and their nice clean slate of steel armor.


Bret Retinue on Foot

At the moment with regards to Warhammer news, I am as out of date as the frog in a well. This is due to a couple of factors like my internet being shitty and i cant really get WARHAMMER in KL. As for stuff in progress.. it will be a while... but it will be of greater progress than back home.


Friday, March 07, 2008

Closeup of Arwen

This is the next feature tht is link to last week feature. It is the Arwen figure taken at an angle wif closeup. Do notice the details of the painting and how the eyes dont appear to look like crap because of the precision painting that is done.

I like my High Elf Blademaster along with the background as both figure and scenery goes in contrast in the photoshoot.. and i hope u do enjoy it too.. Paid alot for the great quality and so i hope it is appreciated.

Austere and Brilliance from the Elf

Austere and Brilliance of the Blademaster High Elf.

So far, the progress of my models have been on a slow as i have a lot of crap to sort out with regards to overseas living. I mean i have adapted to it but there is work and other stuff needed to be done. But it wont be long before i begin on highlighting the batch of Spearmen and finishing up the Bowmen.