Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Grimace of the Chaos Knight

This is by far the best perspective pic of my chaos knight. The side pic of his helm, gives a sense of bloodlust look on his expressionless face. Damn i love my chaos knights. So solid, unbreakable and strong. Feast your eyes...

Its time to CLEAVE some new meat!

As for painting, I have not done much even though the hols are here. Workload, lethargy and other activities have prevented me so. But i have been seeing the High Elf preview and I am getting more drawn into buying them especially the dragon and the phoenix guard... *drools*.
Oh and he Black Orcs.. Argh so many interested figures.. But i must still remind myself i have shitloads more to paint.. More than my military collection though less complex to do it.

Till the next pic.. Enjoy the pic's lustre, intent and its amazing focus :D

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Calvary has arrived

The Horde of Chaos continues its onslaught, putting down all who resist them. Among their forces, stands the Chaos Knights.These Armoured men on immense horses slay all who stand in their way, cutting their enemies down like grass. Horsemen tht even strike a sense of fear to Knights, these Chaos Knights are something out of the ordinary.

Chaos Knight wielding an Axe.Ready for Meat!

Will be back on to working on my highlights for my Knights during the hols. But at the moment, there will be nothing much done. On the topic of buying, I have been eyeing diorama for warhammer but they are also insanely expensive even in comparision to my other modelling hobby. Oh and besides black orcs, the newhigh elves are out as i mentioned before. AND OH MY GOD, they look so tentalising. The Colour code is definitely great. (Definitely in my books for acquiring once i finish all my models. Question is when wud i finish it. Not for a long time for sure.) Its a hint for u too WT, to paint ur HIGH ELVES! Anyway, the new army rules have make the High Elves even more scarier. They are no more the gay twits they used to be.

Looknig forward to see more figures fromt he High elves. Till then , See ya on the next entry ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lo and Behold, The Leader of Chaos!

And so as the Horde begins their march down upon the Imperial Lands. The Leader rises forth distinctly from the men. His horse looms over the big battle-hardened warriors as he raises his sword to bring his unit together as one fierce torrent of adrenaline and bloodlust, urging his men forward to gloriouss blood, gore and battle

The Chaos Knight

Recently, the SG Warhammer Community will be organising a noob Tourney. Havent been to one before, even though Im saying i want to go. Im interested, but im still wondering if i can truly have the time to go. (It is in september).

Onto my project of highlighting, i have kinda completely stop on both modelling hobbies for quite a while due to time constraint, ill management and huge workloads. With regards to warhammer though, im taking a particular liking fo Black ORcs. The Adorable fearsome creatures.! arghh! lol

Till my next rant, Ciao!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Cloak of Darkness

The cloak of the warrior shows his path to glory. A stained and hard struggle for power through bloodlust and strength..

A champion and his treasured cloak

The spread of chaos continues, as warriors upon warriors march to do bitter battle. And yet there is no response from the counter. What will the imperial forces or those of the side of good do?

Onto other note, EA Mythic is almost ready wif the Warhammer Age of Reckoning game, and the banners have finally be raised and a call to arms have been issued to gamers like me and WT. The call from our war group has been sound. But i do not noe whether my internet capabilities and com can handle it.

In any case, if i ever embark my soul and body to the game. My career route wud be Black Orc. Definitely gonna join the "baddie" side. In any case, with regards to my painting, its going as slow a snail. SO there will be no progress update anytime soon.

*Fading away*