Thursday, February 28, 2008

Professionally Done

This is by far, one of the best professionally done warhammer figures that I own. It is done by a golden demon winner and i must say it looks terrific. its Arwen from LoTR.

The shading, drybrushing, ink wash and everything else look so flawless. I really a jealous at the remarkable quality of work that is put int the figure. The worst part is the painter took far less time to make tht figure than i can ever do. And even if i cud do as fast as him, the quality will be less outstanding compared to his.

Without furthur ado, i shall show u the High Elf Lady with a Sword. Look at the nice details and background.

Arwen with Grace

Awesomely beautiful!!!!

As for my Bowmen, shall continue doing them on the weekends. Its been crazily busy and so i shall not have the timeon weekends.. on top of the fact tht my body is sore from the workouts ive been doing.

But Im quite confident tht i will finish all the stuff that i have brought with me overseas way before i go back.

See ya next entry.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Statue of Firm Determination

Today's pic is a statue of the Dwarven Resoluteness. It is a representation of their fiercesome temper and their stoic character that has made them so iconic among their foes. Their eagerness for battle and glory. Their stubborness to not flee from battle and fight till the bitter end.

Ths is the dwarven creed.

This pic is yet another modified pic of a figure to look like a statue. Its rather mediocrely done but then again, maybe others might think otherwise.. Tell me about it.

A Statue of Remembrance

The Dwarven Statue.

With regards to my progress on my Bowmen, amazingly, i am walking real fast on it. With the reality of having to do everything by myself, i seem to have more concentration and becos of tht, the 12 bowmen with me shud be done in no time. Still left 4 at Singapore. Shall proceed to highlighting my old Men At Arm though. Thts about it for now. Will update more.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dwarven Courage

Hi again. This is yet another picture feature on the Warhammer Blog. So This week i have an abstract pic of a dwarven warrior.

The stoic dwarves have for centuries defended their keeps and their stronghold with bravery and courage. With their expertise in masonry, engineering and runesmiths, they come up with ingenious ways to repel hordes of enemies from breaking into their Strongholds.

Being resolute, stoic and unbreakable, the dwarves are one o the most hardy races of the warhammer world.

So here is the pic,

The Dwarven Hero

It is not painted, hence i gotta do some nice effect to make it look cool by itself.

Onto my models.. I will be attempting to complete all the bowmen overseas and Highlight my men-at-arms. I figure that will be as much as i will do down there. Which shud be more than enough. Still thinking of what will be next when i come back from overseas.

Till next week. CHEERS

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blood Knights' Horror

Well as you have known by now the Vampire Count army is coming and there are pretty much many new units that ae different from the last time.

But personally, i have the liking for the Blood Knights. They look terrifying and cool at the same time. So without furthur ado, i shall show u more of the Blood Knights. These figures are probably something i will buy and paint for collecting purposes if i had the money and TIME.

Blood Knight Captain
This is a closeup of the BLood Knight in the last Entry. He is obviously the Champion or the Blood Knight Castellan. The whole colour of the armour and his beastly furcoat looks so awesome!

Warhammer Pic of VC
This is the Musician Blood Knight.. He looks big and hulky and obviously fearsome. The Armour gives him a huge bulk of ferocity and it makes him look so menacing which is similar to a Chaos Knight's armour. But perhaps the only diference between a Chaos Knight and a Blood Knight is tht the Blood Knight is Deadlier.

On a side note, i have been working with whatever time i have to finish the bowmen before i go. At the very least, I will do tht minimum before i leave overseas. But its gonna be a rush..

See how it goes. At the very least, i will have to bring more stuff to do up there wif regards to Warhammer. :D