Friday, May 23, 2008

Chaos is Back Again!

And so.. the chaos retinue marches forth.. After decimating their opponents, they go insearch for more challenges.. The Group of 4, comprising of the Chaos Knight, his hardened Blood Waririor and two Chaos Warrior initiates.

Travelling through the wasteland, they are intend to take on their next enemy.. Intend on spilling blood.


Chaos Retinue Marching Forth

The Chaos Retinue

Notice to all ur warhammer regulars here, I will be finishing up highlighting all my men-at-arms and bowmen and basing all of them. I will proceed on to start finishing up painiting the final few bowmen and continue on with the next highlighting project during my holidays. As for now, I will be attending to my exams and shall be on a break from updating entries till 25th June.

I will post now and then on any interesting stuff.. but regular entries will continue only after 25th June. Till then, enjoy my past entries and have fun! See ya all soon :D

Friday, May 16, 2008

Stoic resolution

Stoic resolute Elves

Stoic Arrowmerchat's Great Swordmasters in brillant elven chainmail

Personally, I like this pic as the elves look rather real when u stare long enuff at the picture. The eyes were refined by digital editing but generally it is all WT's work. In a certain way, they all have a different look, but all of them look flawless.. a Very distinct trait of the Elves. Once again, its a job well done by WT though. I have yet to see what OTHER stuff is he going to modify.

I for one, will be coming up with my own Elven Army.. eventually :p

As for painting, i am on a healthy progress of completing my bowmen and highlighting my men-at-arms. Soon enough, i will only need to finish up painting my remaining unpainted bowmen. But before this, I need to get new Skull White and Scorched Brown Paint for my models. But oh well... there is no time left for hobbies and i will be going on a break for a while.

Till next week :D

Friday, May 09, 2008

Elven Armor

Elven Armour, renowned in the Fantasy world as the most lightweight yet sturdy of all armours. The Armour fits their tiny framed body and protects them from even the biggest blows from the meanest baddies.

Here we have Weiting's Fine drybrushing of golden chainmail on his elf tht can be seen in detail. The dude is very particular on the style of drybrushing, but it does pay off in a way as it looks nice how the white layer of cloth blend with the chainmail underneath it.

So tell me is it good or anyway to improve it. :D cheers.

Detailed Elven Chainmail

Exquisite Brilliance of Elven Chainmail

On another side note, I have used what remaining Brown i have to base more of my Bowmen.. But just for today. I dun tink i wanna do much. And updating what i have been painting is not what i wanna do for Warhammer today.

What I wanna mention though is that the Warhmmaer scene is picking up in Singapore. And i feel so crappy that i aint in the scene due to me being here. Yes its kinda wierd and nerdy to tink that way. But Hey! It my passionate hobby and i so wanna get down and play some Warhammer! Gaming Convention.. Tournament.. NOO!!!!

I will do it one day though.. Thts for sure.. Jus hope they arent creepos. cos tht is one thing my frens are all scared about.. tht makes them dun wanna join in this type of games.. I on the other hand.. am still cool about it.

Till another day.. cheers

Friday, May 02, 2008

Lord of the Rings Style Pose

Howdy Wowdy to all,

Its yet another wonderful picture, in another week of the High Elves. For your info, although these Swordmasters are used in Warhammer, they are taken from the Lord of the Ring range. This is a preference by my fren, WT. So if u keen on doing this.. its not bad.. cos the figures are not bad looking.

This pic, I kinda made the pose as a string of them ready to chop down on the charging enemy. Gives that whole same scenery where the Orcs were charging at the elves in the First Movie of the Lord of the Rings in that great epic war.

What do yer think?

Elven Formation

The Elves Ready to meet their match...

Onto other note, I realised while painting my bowmen and stuff.. That I am running out of scorched brown paint. I am in SG now for awhile.. went to Comic Mart to go check out and get the paint. Only to realise that it is out of stock. Suresh told me that Mid Valley in KL has an outlet for paint, so i guess i gotta make my way back to KL to go check it out and buy the stuff.. Oh well DAMN. Other than tht, I have not done anything for the hobby still as there is still so much work left to be done. Will come back soon.


A great pic. Great Painting done by WT... Love the contrast as usual.. :D