Monday, April 27, 2009

Imperial Crossbowmen defending the Fort

Crossbowmen beyond the Walls

Imperial Crossbowmen patrolling their fort.

In the borders of Imperial Stronghold, the militia and their men-at-arms patrol diligently, ever watchful of enemies and lurkers in the beyond.

With the realm holding an aura of danger, it is never too safe to put a big patrol of imperial forces around their respective stronghold.

In these uncertain times. life is dangerous. It is also fragile and thus, life expectancy is at the throw of a dice. ( i meant that with no pun intended. :p). These crossbowmen may walk around the walls with feelings of fear, sadness, boredom or even a sense of excitement. But they all do so to protect what they value most, which is their families. Some may also do so to feed their families as the old world is not a place of prosperity and life is hard.

But then again, Life is hard in the real world. Hmm..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Imperial Shooters

Imperial Crossbowmen
Crossbowmen on the March

Crossbowmen on the Move
Another shot of the Imperial Retinue.

Hi there people, I am back and i shall be posting the next 3 posts

Here is two shots of Joshua's Imperial Crossbowmen walking within the expanse of the sky. "GOOD GUY" sky that is. :p

Joshua loves to use this "detachment: maneuver that is iconic with Empire, using this guys to whip a good shooting spree on my forces which gets really painful especially for my chargers. One thing my good old buddy, JOsh is good at when it comes to playing warhammer is that he is most proficient in shooting the beejeez out of my forces.

And you would have thought it would be the shooty elves that would be doing that to me. The imperial cannons and arrows and bullets are let loose the moment they get a chance.

And no matter how fearsome CHaos, Orcs or Monsters are, none cannot deny the pain and power that goes with every imperial shot fired. Cos bullets and firepower bite through the thickest armor. Even the arrows can be a pain in the ass.

So here you have it. The Imperial backbone, Militias with crossbows. And with their lucky hand, they might jus be able to down a Bretonnian Knight, a Black Orc or even a Chaos Warrior.


On a side note, I have done a few men-at-arms and i am intending to finish it all up by the mid year.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Feature: Men-at-Arms Captain

Hail Fellow Hobbyists

Today we have a double feature of JQ's Men-at-Arms Captain, a lone figure who strikes a dramatic pose as he inspires his men that their time of glory has soar above a lifetime of insipidness, and boldly clash with the very foes who dare stand up against the glorious host of Bretonnia. The battlefield spells out moments that would truly define the lives of the Men-at-Arms, and even perhaps the very future of the Kingdom and can one not want to be part of this glorious adventure?

Would the common soldier really believe in that kind of 'glory-talk'? I recently watched Oliver Stone's 'Platoon', and Charlie Sheen had a really interesting quote. His character mused that the infantry was a place for society's rejects, the poor, the unskilled, and the social misfits...even though they are rejected by society, they are the very people society (and the rich) trust to fight wars for them in the name of the nation's future (or the future of the rich, so that the rich won't have to fight and die anyway). In the long run...the powerless are stuck in a perpetual cycle of oppression and suffering, regardless if there's a war or not. Does society really value the poor and powerless?

Haha well, I may have been a bit too dreary here haha. It has been my supreme honor in contributing to JQ's blog and to your online viewing pleasure. Guess I'll pass the baton now back to JQ...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Clash of Arms

Hi Everyone

Next up we have a shot of a couple of Men-at-Arms facing off a Chosen Warrior of Chaos (of course it might be a walkover...)

The Old World is marked with strife as armies continually march under a multitude of banners and causes...ranging from religious expeditions, good vs. evil and sometimes it's just simply conquest and bloodthirst. The Realm of Chaos has been a perpetual bane to the Kingdoms of Men, as it represents the manifestation of Chaos, a power so alluring and seductive that blights its victims with destructive and corrupting power. However...the divide is not so simple as good against evil, as followers of Chaos maintain that they follow the true/raw form of power, and the realms of Order represent mere facades of mortal frailty and they are the paramount of the irrational fear of change and new beginnings...

What is nice about the picture is that you can focus onto the visor of the Chaos warrior, as he peers past his shield and onto his adversaries. Gives the figure kind of an 'edgy' feel...even though it may seem to be a one-sided affair, the Men-at-Arms boldly oppose the march of Chaos and have drawn their weapons to meet their Nordic foe. Given good dice rolls, they might win after all...(it's the same with Empire troops unfortunately)