Sunday, December 04, 2005

Infamous Heroes of the Region

The names echo through the Empire and the Mountains tha thold the Kingdom of Dwarves.

The fellowship has foiled the plans of the Von Carsteins and defeated the Main Mastermind behind the massive invasion, immediately disposing the army of more than 15 thousand strong.

And as their names become renowned, so have their status.

The Grimmigkopf rejoice in the ascension of Captain Dinishere, as orders from the Imperial High Command to award the Captain's bravery by promoting him to Commander and appointing him as one of many emissaries for foreign affairs for the great Empire. The detachment from the Grimmigkopf that resided in Karak Kadrin is ordered to accompany the Commander along his journey to whereever that maybe.

The Elven Brothers Guild hasreceived an increase of trade due to their involvement in the mission and their finances flourish. The Arrow Merchants are now known not only for their wide network and good reputation, but for their uncanny knowledge and courage in the field of adventure

The Council of the Order of the Shroud upon hearing news of Lord Bromric and Lady Mesa doings have accompanied them on their journey. The 12 Head Grail Knights of Aisenhald, though still grieve for the late Jericho, is glad to see that their Lord and Lady is well and on their honour, have come to aid the Lord's quest and provide assistance.

Within the darkness of the Caverns of the Sharikas Stronghold, the Blooddragon Zelda and his sister in arm, have finally restore the balance and now is required to do the Master's bidding to sway the undead High Lords to shift to the oncoming threat of Chaos.

Upon hearing of how the Ogre had massacred evil with his fury and how unlike many other villainous of his kin, have safe the kingdom of men and dwarves alike, the Cith Stronghold of Karak Kadrin has honoured his Warband, as do the Empire too, to allow his men to pass through with honour and respect. And so the gnoblars and Ogrens refresh new troops arrived upon his Summons with crowds cheering for them. A sight not seen before. Ogres were never even allow in a number. Ogren grinned as he was satisfied by his accomplishment in changing the views of many. and for once, he felt loved by others. To him, Impossible was nothing..

The Rangerlord De Chi though quiet and subtle in character, had the oppurtunity to introduce the nobles of Karak Kadrin of his kingdom and his culture as the Highlands and Plains of Estalia are not widely known to many of the Major Kingdoms. News though, has spread fast and before Long the Estalian Kingdom have heard of their great hero. It seems now that Estalia and Bretonnia have a common link due to De Chi and Bromric being brothers that had begun before the party was even formed, trade and friendship will increase between the 2 kingdoms.

Delenir on the other hand prefers the solitude of his studies in the tavern. The rewards of being a Renowned was not something the Mage took interest in, and was more likely to use it to gain wider accesses and favour from people to furthur his knowledge in the arcane arts than enjoying his status.

And so these are but a few of the adventurers of the fellowship and how the days of their lives change upon the fateful expedition.. but more is to come.. For the chronicler conitnues writing with the endless flow of the fluid pen.

And so it is for the days after their expedition, but what lies ahead is still waiting to unfold