Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm not a Happy Chaos Warrior

Leader of the Warriors Undivided

RAWR. Im not a happy chaos warrior indeed. Chaos Warriors, the dreadful mortal warriors of the north wasteland. But what makes them dreadful is that they arent as normal as their southern counterparts.

Technically, they are humans too. Just that they all look like they are on steroids and are clearly a head taller than their Human counterparts. ANd last but not least, they always look angry.

But i guess that brings out more of the menace and fear that is Chaos.
It really put things into perspective when you put a Chaos Warrior next to a Halbierdier or a Imperial Militia. The Warrior exceed in height by a head at least; Even the old edition Chaos Warriors had a bigger bulk like rugby players compared to the normal Men-at-arms of Bretonnia.

And lastly i guess what differs them from the pure bred humans of the south is their affliction to chaos as you can see from this champion in which he has horns on his head.

Clearly the guy has some Skull issues. :P Nonetheless, the Chaos Warriors are second to none in terms of Stats against any other race. Add Frenzy and Other additional features and you can turn a regiment of Chaos Warriors in to a menace for any foot unit.

And yes, Even phoenix guards will have a problem with them.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Men at Arms Buddies

Men at Arms from the Vanguard of Tempest

Men-at-Arms often become brothers-in-arms. Camaraderie is never ever found far from any form of army unit. More often than not, Men have develop a certain brotherhood among each other. Especially when these men are put into situations that require them to put their lives on each other.

War though cruel, develop bonds between men-at-arms that are thicker than many in civilian life would not experience.

I guess that is why War is such an emotional and terrifying thing for men becos the next thing u noe it, ur brother-in-arm could be taken away from u.. and as the years go on and war drags on, U senses are numb to all the emotion and distraught of losing close ones around u.

Nevertheless, Camaraderie have also brought men to stand firm and stick together in the fight. In fact, thru such Unity, it incalucates great strength and high morale, which can be a deadly force compared to an army unit tht lacks the relations between each men.

So it is definitively acceptable to say Unity is Strength.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leading the Fight

Commander Man-at-Arm takes the lead

So along this entire year oh so, I believe i have been ranting with Josh about the frailities of Men in the Warhammer World. But hey... COme on, U noe im right ;) *sniggers*

Well this is a picture which speaks in contrast from the usual fuming questions of playing the Human race that is "Why warhammer keeps showing humans always getting killed and losing?"

Well here we see a lowly sergeant at arms raising his sword, and world the background around him is blur, it is easy to assume that he is leading his regiment against chaos warriors. The Spears and Halbierdiers around him are raised in defense and in defiance of the massive hulk that is Chaos.

I do not deny that Chaos are fearsome, terrifying and that the peasants, militia of Bretonnia and Empire would stand a slim chance at them, but this pic captures defining moments of defying the odds.

And what i wanna conclude is that, WHO DOESNT LIKE to see a Man-at -arm or a halbierdier kill a Chaos Warrior by himself?

HAHA with a lil luck. Tht can happen.. Although, Im pretty sure the Chaos Player would probably be swearing profusely.

On a sidenote, I will be intensifying my involvement in Warhammer since my exams are over and i have a holiday to take a breather. Furthermore, after so long of a depravation, I feel like being more involved in my local Warhammer Community. Integration is also underway. And yes, Josh and I will be discussing lots on it.

So stay tune.. and thnx for reading :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meeting of the Ancients

Hey Everyone

Continuing with our High Elf theme, we have WT's Phoenix Guard with WT's lizardman saurus soldier. Facing off? It'll be weird since they have a shared enemy in the shape of the Druchii, and that they are both known not to invade in thirst of conquest. Negotiations? A meeting? It's up to you :)

The HE is painted by WT, while the lizardman is by

The lizardmen outdate the high elves in terms of antiquity, having served the Old Ones, the creator of the 'new' races of dwarves, elves and men. It is interesting to note that lizardmen can tolerate outside presence in Lustria, after men have settled in various ports in the area...but are totally merciless when it comes to looting and stealing artifacts from them. Case in point: they actually invaded Naggaroth to reclaim an artifact stolen by the Dark Elves...something you don't hear too often.

About the integration thing, it might happen sooner than we had expected. No concrete plans yet, since we're gonna meet at the end of this year to really see where we can go with this project.

Thanks again for coming down to this blog, and it's time for me to hand it back to JQ!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Phoenix Guard

Hello Everyone

We really appreciate your readership, and it motivates us on to take more pics of our figures, and share our joy for fantasy, especially for warhammer.

For today's post, we have WT's Phoenix Guard in the foreground, with his halberd ready to strike down any foe who dares challenge this coterie of elves.

According to Warhammer lore, the Phoenix Guard take watch of the Shrine of Asuryan, which contains the Chamber of Days, where past and future can be known by anyone who looks upon this chamber. Those who laid eyes upon that chamber are said to be cursed with knowledge of their exact death (cripes). It is said that this drives the Phoenix Guards to fight in the fiercest battles as they know their exact cause of death, which removes any fear they have of death...makes me wonder how a Phoenix Guard will feel if he found out that he would die by choking on a pretzel. Will he laugh so hard that he'd get kicked out of the Guard? Just a random thought.

Well here's some news on the WAR MMORPG: the trial version will unlimited time of play pretty soon, following the trend set by D&D Online (Eberon), which offers free online pay for all users. I am not sure what difference there is in the trial version vs. subscriber version, I am guessing there could be limitations in items that can be acquired etc. I remember reading in a gaming website a few months ago that someone predicted that MMORPGs would shift from pay-per-month to play-for-free but pay for special in game enhancements. Here's a website that provides some details on this development: