Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Trailer

Get Your Army List POSTED ON THE Forum guys. And the campaign shall start soon!

Gather Your Arms. War has begun!

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Campaign is summing up soon

Tris' Ogres Vs Jiaqi's Brets

Blood never cease drenching the battlefields of Border Prince. But those merchants who brave the constant battles in the lands reaps great profit, for the Border Prince is also a place of great trade between the Old World and the Lands East and Beyond. Like a searing gold bar, the Border Prince provide exotic goods from Nippon and Cathay that are considered invaluable to the Warlords in there and to many of the other Kingdoms in the Old World.

After countless fighting, the Bretonnains have finally provided a safe haven for Baron Gordan and his territory. His reputation has grown due to the aid of the Aisenhald Knights and their Men at arms. And so, none of the Baron's rivals there trifle with him. As a diplomatic gift to the Grail Order of the Shroud and the Aisenhald Knights, the Baron have given the Bretonnians trade rights in the land and vital trade connections in the region that can enable sufficient trading with the Easterners.

As for Ogren's Warband Deserters, they have been quite dominant aroud the area. None there challenge their wrath, and many of the Counts and Barons care less for the numbwitted Giants for it gave them no profit in fighting them unless their territories were compromised by the Ogres. Nonetheless, A small Ogre Kingdom is rising in the Border Prince as many who encounter them often fall to their Savage might. Not too long ago, News was even heard of how a large Retinue of Knights accompanying Damsels were totally wipe out by the Dominant warband that was once part of Ogren's Army. Some local Ogre Tribes have even join up with this warband to establish a better fortification around the area to ensure their safety. Much is unknown of their next motives though.

Lithir and his elves had made much progress in contacting the Orient Elves and exchanging culture. Only problem was time was ever on their side as the Elves were often attacked by disgruntled forces sent by their respective Counts and Barons, on top of the frequent encounters with Ogre and Orc Warbands, Goblin Raiders and Skaven Rat packs.On the brighter side of things, The Arrowmerchant had fair quite well in the trading scene. With the collaboration with Lady Mesa's forces, they have also boosted their trade relations here. But much is in question, when it comes to the Arrowmerchants ability to protect their trade routes and their goods from the menace the surfaces in the Border Prince. Ulthuan can only see from afar and pray the Merchants will pull through.

As night falls in the wayward parts of the Border Prince, the Undead awaken, having been largely dominant and unstoppable, they continue to harass towns and small forts, turning a few into dead grounds. But with the presence of the Grail Order of the Shroud, the Necromancers should know better than to proceed with recklessness and dotheir Death God's bidding with extreme caution and secrecy.

Its been a rough period for Imperial Envoy. Luck seems to strike the Imperial force the wrong way round. Having encountered really bad situations and lousy predicament which resulted in many major defeats and much bloodshed. The Imperial forcess have been butchered by almost every ill intent factions in the Border Prince and It has become more of a game of survival and escape for the Imperial Force rather than securing the area and quelling any uprising against the Empire.

As the Renowned Forces summed up their stay in the Border Princes, Some have reaped the benefits while others suffer the losses. But all in all, there are conflicts that are arising up north that requires these renowned forcees attention along with their Heroes. Till then. The league continues on, finishing up the remaining few games.

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Arrowmerchants scouting the Border Princes. Courtesy of Weiting and his elves.