Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Delays on the Release

I am unable to produce my new pics of the 5 Knights yet as i have stalled on all projects at the moment due to my lack of time and lethargy.

And so i will continue showing the great artworks of the Arrowmerchants

Today, i will feature the two Heroes from Both Bretonnia and The High Elves. Side By Side, the highly skilled Swordmaster from the Merchant House is as renowned as Eltharion himself. The Blind Swordman was trained by the same master as that of Eltharion. Belannaer. Hardy ever having to deal with protecting much of the Arrowmerchant's good, the Blind Swordmaster is held in high regard.

The Grail Knight of the Shroud is famed in all of Couronne for being the elite among the elite of the Grail Knights. Their Mastery at arms is first to none, and so both stand sideby side in a duet of expertise, grandeur and grace. Enjoy the pic

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Both their colour code and paintings are not that bad i must say. One of the few goodworks from paintedfigs.com and I. I like the layering i had done and also like the drybrushing from the Swordmaster.

Till my Knight hopefully get done. See ya in the next entry ;)

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Knight and The Silver Helm

Greetings Ally,

Yet another Entry with the works of the Arrowmerchant. Alongside it, the Knight of the Realm from the Army of the Tempest. The two allies maintain good diplomatic relations, Both Bretonnian and High Elf. With the Arrowmerchant's Shops located in many Great Cities of Bretonnia, the White Silver Helms are not a rare sight to see in Aisenhald, Couronne and other places where Merchants flourished. There will be many more great entries featuring the two races in collaboration. Great painting and Figures included. Enjoy this pics ;)

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The Two Calvary Units Patrol the lands to be on Guard against their Foes.

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The Arrowmerchant's Silverhelm on guard of its Stockpile and Goods, while the Bretonnians lend a hand to provide escorts for the Merchants over dangerous areas of the Old World.

On other updates, I am in progress of highlighting and basing my 5 knights, U will be able to see them Real soon. In fact the Black Knight of the Realm you see in this pic looks a lil more cooler as i have done my highlights and add a lil more cream to its white colour. Do watch out and comment. But as for now, have run out of some paint and would really need to buy it soon to continue.

Till the next entry. ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

High Elf Spearmen

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With a departure of my Good Bud to do his Games Design in Australia, i shall feature yet another of his works, The Arrowmerchant's Elf Spearmen, draped in plain white is their mark as the renowned Merchant Armed Force.

The Spearmen of the High Elf Army is one of the essential Core Units with the ability to fight in an extra rank more than other Spearmen of any race. I must say i like the way he used the Gold to drybrush over the black undercoat of the metal to give the High Elf Spearmen a more cooler look to accompany the plain white uniform. He did tell me though, that he might be adding additional features of insignias to make it look less plain, after much contemplation though, for he like the White plain look very much.

As for me, i have only completed one Knight as i have been rather preoccupied and busy wif other stuff. Do BEAR wif me though, they will come soon. :D

Till my next entry, toodle loo!..

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Personal Review of the Mark of Chaos Game

Well, its been a while, and at the moment, I have decided to start basing my Knights, five at a time, completing their highlights and any other add-ons i could do to improve their appearances. It was either them or th Men-at-arms, but since so many wanted to see my Knights, I will do my Knights first.

Anyway, today, i shall be reviewing the Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Game. Well, despite having such a crazily good Trailer, the words of Gamespot rings through to me as i am quite diappointed at the linear plot of the Game. No skirmish game to play with CPU, only online gaming against other players is allowed. On top of that, i have been suffering major crashes from the game and failure to load up the saved files, which eventually disappear after the failed load up.

Al in all, it is good for the graphics and the mini stuff like the abilities and customisation of the specific armies skin colour. I really like the graphic detail. But its simplicity makes it a game tht will hardly give an adrenalin rush to ur heart. I prefer the tabletop game to this game and also the trailer had more excitement to give me then the game itself. Nevertheless i will try it again. Hopefully the crashes (which is one of the biggest problems for me that make me hate this game) will occur less.

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Till I feature the next pic. See ya