Monday, May 14, 2007

Warhammer as a whole

Today i wont be featuring anything. Same as tht of my other website.
Instead i shall be talking about Warhammer as a whole. Well, not too long ago, there have been a talk on the issue of Warhammer as a struggling hobby. In fact it is already becoming like what my military vollection is, an adult's hobby. The kids and teens are to preoccupied wif their Cpou games and other activities (Me included) There have been a big tak and arguments on the future of Warhammer in Singapore and also how it has become. There was a talk of a revival and plans of it. But then, all of a sudden the forum resume to its quiet status as it has become another all talk no action result.

Life is busy for many, and it is hard to dedicate time. Even for myself personally, i hardly even have time to play computer games. The pace of life is getting faster. In any case, i feel that warhammer as a whole is also dropping in popularity.

How is one suppose to attract the Kids and teens when the company who made this game is constanly jacking up the prices. Regardless of the Economic objective of the Company, they must realise that such an act is killing the hobby and preventing new enthusiast to join. On top of tht, they might discourage the passion and fun of the game to be as vivid as before and so i can see a dangerous path of this hobby becoming more unique. Not that i care whether it becomes less popular cos im already into it for the figures. But it will ruin the game and the purpose of warhammer as a whole.

So all in all, while i still feature my figures, i am relatively sad that it is becoming a fading hobby due to the lack of time and passion (cant be help) and the price increase and ill-management to revived the passion of the game and the painting of the figures.

Fixing and Painitng of Warhamer figures, incalcate patiences and determination, but obviously with such discouraging factor, ppl wud rather play something else and also it isnt a very good factor if u do not inspore the younger ones to paint the figure t make it his or her own. and to show tht hardwork pays off!

In any case, this is my 2 cents worth, till a better warhammer time.

JQ signing off ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Noble Merchant has arrived.

From the Renowned Realm of Ulthuan, the Arrowmerchants' Nobles have arrived on the shores of Bretonnia. The Leader, Lithir takes his entourage to meet up with his allies and Bretonnian Compatriot in Aisenhald.

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The Noble and his Silver helms.

I love the lighting for this pic. Makes the Elf Lord look so pristine and glorified.

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Escorted by the Head Paladin of the Grail Knights of the Order of the Shroud, the Elves are brought to Aisenhald, the Land of the Hardened.

Nice scene of afternoon with both Bretonnian and High Elf character together. The Light colour code of the High Elves contrast the dark one of the Bretonnains in a natural agreement.

Too Bad, someones not painting anymore. ANyway, i have done two Knights. onto the next two. before long, they will be based, and only 5 more left to go. Overall, i have this feeling i will be paiting more intensely for Warhammer compared to my military one if i were to complete the annual project task.

Till next entry, toodle loo.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Its an Elven Galore

Hopefully if i continue showing more of WT's elves, it will stir him to paint more. (I think NOT!) :P

In any case, its part of the rundown features for each of my entry. Where this few months and more will be on the theme of WT's Elves. On top of the fact that the New High Elves are rumored to be the next army for the 7th Edition Warhammer. And so again we feature the High Elves!

For today, its the High Elf Retinue, comprising of the Regular Calvary, the Silver helm supported by the Regular Soldiers, the High Elf Spearmen. While the Silverhelm are made up of Nobles and Noble Elves' Sons, the SPearmen are made up of Citizens of Ulthuan, poviding their strength to the cause of defending their homeland. (Inspiring enough to remind me of crappy National Service)

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On a side note, i receive a feedback that i have not feature my Chaos Army a lot, which is true but do not worry, they will be featured soon. But just to let you know, my Chaos Army at the moment Comprises of Only Warriors and the Chaos Knights. I have yet to do my Hellcannon and other stuff. Futhurmore, My Chaos Army revolves around the Mortal Army Theme and so there is little variations in it. Cos, its all about the KILL KILL KILL!!!!