Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Battle Begins

The War has started and the Map is out.

Here are the rules:

Each players has benn given a territory

-On top of that, 500pts will be issued for the player to spend on the amount of troops he needs to ATTACK

Note: Depending on the amount of buffs he have based on the amount of territories he has. He could have more than 500pts to spend.

-1 Main Character must also be elected from each player. ( The Main Character will not be counted in the total pointage)

- As for defense, it applies as the same, 500 base points unless stated otherwise

-Each Player for the whole game (campaign) is only allowed to use 4 times of auto resolving of the battle.

-The schedule of attack will be held by the gamemaster. An issued attack will then be let known to the opposing side in which the opponent may opt to use auto resolve, if the attacker consents.


-Based on the gameplay. Every week a player is allowed 2 attacks

-Objectives will be given to Individual players. Each objective accomplished will give players 500exp.

This is game involves the initiative of the player every week to course out his battle plan.
There will be situation sent out to him which requires him to react. If upon one week later and no reply is given without valid reason, consequences will result.

Description of Terrirtories

-Turn Battles: It is the time limit in which attacker must win. (Based on Pointage)

-Buffs: Eg, Attacker +50pts, +4 Power Dice, "Diamond Icon" +50pts

-Double Pointage: Based pts of "500x2"

-Last Stand: Last man standing Battle

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Untold Prophesy

In the weeks that have come by after the unfortunate encounter, the renowned expedition had arrived back at Karak Kadrin with the legendary Leranorak. Word spread around like bushfire, before long, from the Ports of Ulthuan, to the coast of Estalia, to the Forst of Altdorf and the Plains of Quenelles, many have received the news of the sword.

Travelling from the Empire to Bretonnia, to even Athel Loren, Lady Mesa sought to find the secret to destroy the sword as was instructed by the Lady of the Lake in her visions. After many nights of searching in the various libraries, she stumbled upon a ancient book of folklores, of which the Leranorak was pointed out in it. The Archive of the Glade in Athel Loren provided much information. It is said that the blade of madness can only be consumed by the chasm of madness. "A Warped Portal" formed in the deep east of the World's Edge Mountains, thousands upon thousands of years ago, before even the Warrior's foretold Path of Glory.

As instructed by the Prophetess, the Imperial General drawed arms and seeked his infamous Grimmigkopf to sally forth to resist a retaliation from the Hordes of Chaos led by the Deliverer himself. At the same time, the Elector Count of Altdorf had pledge his allegiance to the cause, ready to aid the General in the defense of the Old World from any attack from the East, along with the Slayer Army of Karak Kadrin.

Furion and his Wood Elves were instructed by the High Council of the Glade to observe of the progress of the situation from a battle post in the World's Edge Mountain, not even giving orders or furthur information on the rules of engagement, but looking at the supplies and equipment, it seems it will be a long observation of situation.

Receiving the news of Lord Casta De Bromric's death, the populace of Aisenhald mourned for days. The Great Protector, keeper and caregiver of the province had left for another realm after forty years of Great ruling. It was even rumoured that the King broke down upon hearing the news, but urgent matters had to be settle in regards to the threat of a full invasion from the East. The King thus called upon the Leader of the Vanguard of Tempest under the guidance of the Grail Order of the Shroud to give aid to Captain Wincor. Jared Wilcox, the sole survivor among the two brothers, willingly accpeted the assignment, eager to deal justice upon the enemies of his late Lord and Brother.

Speculations of a new Lord for Aisenhald grows as days go by, but the Grail Order of the Shroud does not give any hints of a replacement, let alone even finding for one at all.

Little is known about what the Blood Dragons intention are, but many feel that the Sharikas and the Vampires are not to be trusted easily.

Similarly, Ogren Cockripper did not show his intent after his recovery from his fatal knockout, but there was much bellowing and fist fighting within his Ogre Warband itself.

Lithir's father upon hearing the entire story of Lithir's adventure decided that the arrowmerchant's dealing in the issue may not be enough for the guild to handle, and have let it known to the High Elf Ruling Council to see to the matter. Proud of his son's foresight in joining the expedition in the first place and attaining an even greater reputation for the guild, the Father grants him the command of a few Dragon Princes who pledge their allegiance to Lithir's father.

While preparing to go forth back to the World's Edge Mountain with more than just a conviy, the mysterious tradesman finds Lithir and his brother in the port of Ulthuan and pleas to them to acquire the artifact as he had ask way before, when they were in Kislev, even promising enough gold and precious metal to re-arm the entire Bretonnian Army. The prospect of such business was appetizing and Lithir would have gladly accepted it, if not for the fact that the tradesman was dealing in such a shady and unjust manner. The Arrowmerchant refused the offer only to be at the receiving end of the mysterious tradesman's threats. The threats were quickly dismissed as the brothers realise the importance of the next part of their campaign and were too busy to even bother about it. THe High Council finally decided that the Arrowmerchants shall aid the Imperial FOrces, and helped Lady Mesa to find a way to destroy the Leranorak.

By a moon and a half cycles, the forces rallied, occupying various territories that were to be the frontier lines against this new chaos horde army. Forts were already preconstructed by the Dwarves as Bretonnians, Empire, Ogre Kingdom, Vampire Counts, High Elves and Wood Elves take up certain territories for defense.

But in the midst, the companionship and the gathering starts to fade as the individual lines are drawn. The Renowns wait, anticipating the call to arms, as the horns of war have yet to sound.

The Tides of Turning

Not much was spoken after that. In a few seconds, The Imperial Warrior stride swiftly towards the Deliverer, throwing a fury of attacks on the Deliverer, each raining down like the might of Sigmar.

A Rather Weak Foe for the Chaos Lord to contend with, but with each precise strike, the Deliverer found it harder to parry off. General Wincor continued on. composing himself in a control flurry of attacks, each faster than the last one. So Beautiful was the swordplay, the Gods themselves could have orchestrate it.

The Deliverer could not take his turn with General Wincor Dinishere not giving him the oppurtunity.

"By the power of Sigmar, I Banish You!!!!" came the roar of the Imperial General, as he made his eviscerate on the stunned Chaos Lord, subdueing him to the shock of the entire Chaos Army.
Manick and Erathor were too dazed to accept the very first defeat of their Great Lord, while the rest of the the people watched intently as the Imperial General walked to the side of the Deliverer and picked up what he had won. The Leranorak accepted its new wielder willingly, flooding him with the thoughts of pleasure and glory.

Taking up the Snake's Eye from the Fallen Ogre, he fused the gem into the blade. FInally the artifact they had been searching for, for so long has been found. The corruption began to emerge from the weapon, lurching out to the wielder's soul.

Wincor was caught in it's trance but quickly fought back, sheathing the sword and observed his current situation.

"The challenge has been resolve. Leave us be chaos warriors, or face the eternal power of the Leranorak" said General to the Horde.

"This is but only the beginning, Imperial scum! Only the Beginning!"replied Manick, aiding the Deliverer and retreating back with the army along with Erathor Hyburg.

The throne room was finally deserted after several minutes, leaving the expedition to tend to the wounded.

Lady Mesa was grateful for the fact that the vision she had in choosing the one who will bring the light back from the darkness had come to be true and the one she had seek has finally seize the Leranorak and thus undo the foretold prophesy.

But it was at the cost of her lover and protector, now she can only pray that General Wincor has the good judgement to not use the weapon.

Indeed he was afraid of the Leranorak, but the temptation of power could not be blocked so easily. General Wincor decided to proceed to sit upon the throne, while the rest watch in puzzlement. This time the voices blared at him, baring his soul for all to see. Wanting him, Beckoning him to put the Leranorak to where it belonged. The corruption was overpowering him.

With one last desperate fight against his own temptation, he got off the throne and left the area accompanied by the expedition.

"This midless blade is too much for my mind".. Dinishere thought.

"It is for all of us to share your burden...Wincor" said Lady Mesa as she put her hand on his shoulders and helped the General back to the bazaar.