Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Arrowmerchants

Well with my new camera and the Fact that WT (my fren) has been leaving his figures in my house from frequent Warhammer Outings, why not feature his figures in the blog in a better view and more in depth.

The Arrowmerchants as he call them are the Rich Merchants of Ulthuan who have spread their trade acroos the Old World and their Homeland. Their daring exploration skills and Loremastery is second to none. Known to many in distant lands the Arrowmerchants have riches that match any Elven Noble. Their Personal Arsenal can also bolster and equivalent a Sizeabe Elven Army. Dressed in their Standard White with no insignia, they are recognised immediately as merchant elves-at-arms. The Arrowmerchants making it their business to protect their assets on to of maintaining their ethos of Integrity and Honour.

2 Views of the Arrowmercant's Lethal Weapon : The Bolt Thrower

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Even in the Darkest of Days, they stay vigilent

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As for my Knights, they will be based soon. Next entry will be them. So don't you all worry, I will give you a sneak peek of them soon ---> The Bretonnian Knights of the Realm in full finish
:D Till then Enjoy :D

Friday, January 26, 2007

Long Drought of Nothing

It hs definitely been a while, but i must say, i have been very very busy wif LIFE. And well cant do a lot for most hobby blogs. But tht doesnt mean im closing down! In any case, i have done an itty tini little decorating in the blog. Was contemplating on doing other stuff like changing the layout for one, but i feel that the blog layout sticks and so i will stick wif it. There will be more features on the blog though i can promise u tht, and the next picture and entry will be out soon. DEFINITELY.

Till then, WARHAMMER GO!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Features and Updates of the Site

As we enter a new year, i will be adding some new stuff, updating the website. For new stuff, i will be putting a new section with a link for my Warhammer Clip that i made and shared on youtube. The Projects in progress will also be updated, and whatever stated in there as of now, will be the projects i will do for the entire year. There are a total of 4 project task this year. (Goes to show im not fully a nerd but still loving my hobby and haing a passion for it).

On top of that, there might be another warhammer clip i will make though the storyboard has yet to come. Feel free to give me more ideas to develop the Hobbies Blog.

Till next entry. Toodles!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Archers and Bowmen of Bretonnia

No matter how lowly they are. The dispensible Bowmen are still a vital asset to the Nobles and knights witht heir ability to attack from range at the lowly disgusting enemies who to the same and a scared of hand to hand combat with the Knights

Nevertheless, here is my final done deal of my bowmen wif bases and highlights. Enjoy

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Bowmen on pose at day. (Notice the Rocky Sandy Base, emulating their harsh province of Aisenhald, my named province)

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Bowmen during the night

My new camera is giving me a hell lot of a better time taking photoes. Next time i will show a more intricate detail of the Bowmen. Hope u enjoy this piece ;)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Continuation of the Campaign and Basing and Paint Upgrade of Brets

Well, its been a while since I last updated, and yes Im on my next project for painting. It is my entire painted Bretonnian Army that will now be highlighted and based properly to look real good. I have already done 16 of my Bowmen and will proceed to do my Men-at-arms or Knights. I will show you the final product of the Bowmen though, with my new Camera that provides GREAT MACRO function finally.

On other updates, we have continued with the campaign, as shown on the Campaign progress by the side of this blog.

Have been out of the Warhammer scene for a whle though, Havent read the last two White Dwarf even though i have bought it. But as for the progress for my project, it is progressing..

Till the next pic. Toodle.