Monday, June 19, 2006

The Campaign shall continue...

Well its been a long long while since the campaign had last stopped. And it will be rehashed again soon. Its been amonth and so and though I will not be around anytime soon. I have now put the "QM" WT to be organiser if he is up to it to continue the league.

Next matches that could be scheduled for next weekend(If WT wanna organise it) or oncoming weekend:

-Josh vs Weiting
-Josh vs Tris
-Cher Ho vs Weiting
-Cher Ho vs Tris

Warhammer... GO! ;)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Pic from Good Quality Camera

The High Elf Greatsword and His companions, The High Elf Spearmen from the Arrowmerchant Crew marching thru the open air.

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The Grail Order of the Shroud led by their Leader Lady Keira Bight. The background makes an ambience of a dark world. But glorifies the Unit by the focus.

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The quality of the pics are real good, thanks to Weiting's Camera. To really view the power of its focus and quality, visit the Warhammer Galleria. It really can focus and capture my models in the correct lighting and focus even my camera cant do unless i go thru many ways of fooling my camera's focusing system by using a magnifying glass. Rather tedious. MUST BUY NEW CAM soon...