Sunday, April 30, 2006

Campaign Part 3

Yes. The new league Campaign System is out and now, It has become a little less narrative and more interactive.

The area of Campaign is in the Border Prince, where trival to political conflicts exist constantly. A place where skirmishes to great battles are fought often. And now 6 Players shall test their tactics in battle against each other. And so the Young Blood Feud begins.

Tourney Army Pointage: 1000pts Using Normal Rules and Characters. No Illegal Army list allowed

League System: There will be a league table where players will play against every opponent twice with Pointage involved. 3 Points for win, 1 Point for Draw and No Points for Lost. (Table will be form soon. Check it out under the etc category of the blog)

Overall Highest Pointage is the Tournament Champion and thus his characters will become Renowns among Heroes..

Titles to be won: Overall Champion, Group Champions, Best Painted Figure

After the Overall League Champion is done, Group Matches will be fought to determined the Group Champions

And Finally 3 Theme Games.

So Young Bloods and Local Introverted Nerds Unite!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Battle Report and Conclusion of the 5th Week of the Campaign

High Elf vs Vampire Count (Vampire Count wins)
Vampire Count vs Chaos (Vampire Count wins)
Vampire Count vs The Deliverer's Horde (Vampire Count wins)
Bretonnia vs Vampire Count (Vampire Count wins)
Empire vs Vampire Count (Vampire Count wins)

Conclusion of the 2nd part of the Campaign

From the distance, the shimmering warp portal was but a faint glow admist the darkness. But what surrounds the land put fear into the eyes of the shackled lords. The very physic of the land itself was but inconsistant. The ground seem to shift, while the plants and trees seem to warp at the adverse energy that emitted from the portal. But as constant as death itself, Zelda walked unfazed towards the portal, wielding the Leranorak. The vampire was not the same person he was decades ago, for he had imbued the Blood of the Daemon within the sword; he was not the same person to begin with when he was cursed with the Power of the Undead, and ever since he overcame the struggle with Reia to live among the odds, he and her have finally become something more than jus a vampire. They have come out of their shadows. and now both roam freely among the day. "Daywalkers..." mutted the deranged Erathor Hyburg, one of the many imprisoned fallen Lords.

Over the past few months, battles have been fought along the World's Edge Mountain. The Deliverer's Horde swept the Eastern side like an impending tidal wave, unstoppable and unwavering. Pressing onwards to the west to dispense their vengence upon General Dinishere's forces for the taking of the Leranorak. The Deliverer and his champions edge closer while The Alliance of Bretonnian, High Elf and Imperial Forces struggle to retain the frontline.

It was until the Ogre Warband led by Ogren decided to take things into his hand and seperate from the Alliance to get the Sword for himself. Thus, the Alliance had made but one more new enemy, though Ogren had his personal vendetta with the Chaos Horde and vow to take them out as well along the way. The cracks within the forces of light started to widen even more with the sudden departure of the Blood Dragons. Zelda and Reia decided to take the Sword for themselves, something which the Alliance will not allow. But after numerous battles, the Blood Dragons had the upper hand. Having defeated first Erathor Hyburg and killing one of the Warlord that captured Ogren in an unfortuanate battles. One by one the renowned heroes and champions on both sides had fallen to the blade of the Blood Dragon. And it was not long before the Imperial General was the last man that could face up to the Supremacy of the Undead.

Calling upon his entire will power and faith, Dinishere unleashed the Daemonic power from within the Sword upon Zelda. Dealing blows that will have taught the Blood Dragon of pain that have not been felt for quite some time already. The onslaught would have killed any normal creature thrice over. But the Vampire stayed his course and retalliated with a fury that even the daemonic energy from the Sword and the General's experience could not handle. Wincor Dinishere was stunned. Never in his entire life has he ever come to fear a time when darkness and the constance of death could overcome the eratic powers o chaos and insanity. The Leranorak fell from his hands as he collapse to the floor, lifeless and motionless. Though he manage to survive miraculously. All the captives gasped in awe as the Sword of Prophesy was in the hands of Zelda. And yet, its corruption did not stir his cold unshakened heart. Knowing what he had to do, Zelda along with Reia, unlocked the Secret Knowledge within the Sword, imbueing themselves with the power to roam in the presence of the Sun.

"The army of the undead head west after all that was done, laying waste to scattered chaos armies that were once united under the Deliverer's Banner. Somehow or another, one anonymous day, I along with Sir Jared Wilcox, General Dinishere, Lithir, Elith and the long lost Caravon Alastar found ourselves in the vast woods of Altdorf. Apparently, the Blood Dragons had left a blood written note stating: "The balance will be maintain. The world will be watch. As constant as death itself, We will observe thru the endless days and nights" said Lady Mesa to the King's Council in Couronne.

"I thank thee Lady Mesa for giving us a detail assesment of the matter. You and the men of Aisenhald will be greatly honoured by the people along with my own grateful thanks. Perhaps i may asked thee if you would like to stay a few more weeks in Couronne with the companions of the damsels of the Fay Enchantress?" said King Louen gently.

"Your grace, I would prefer to return to Aisenhald to amend what has been lost to our lands. For many have died, along with our Lord and Cherished Paladin and there is much need of my presence" replied Lady Mesa with a very heavy hurt. The memory of the past though not distant, hurts her deeply

"May the Lady of the Lake shine upon you Lady Mesa...." The Fay Enchantress said as Mesa took her leave. The Sorrow of the broken heart weighed heavy upon the Enchantress too, for she saw through all Souls.

"I am very much concerned of this General Dinishere, he is very much afflicted with the Corruption of the Sword. And as for the High Elves, those merchants have not yet reveal much about their well beings. I hear from informers that their merchant activities have ceased even in our ports..." added the Fay Enchantress

"The aftermath of a deepwound. The pain still lingers. All have been afflicted from the ordeal my fair Fay Enchantress. But hope still struggles on. From the north of the Empire, ruins are cleaned up, buildings and lives being rebuilt.. Archaon retreating into his realm. The unrelentless spirit of hope still persist admist this darkness. Lets pray it will stay that way" replied King Louen.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Special Battle Report for this Week

Empire Vs Chaos (Empire wins)