Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No Time to Spare

Its been almost 12 days and ur probably wondering where in the world are the once a week updates. Well i must admittedly say i have been preoccupied to an extent i only have free time to take a breather. I have not even touch my next set of knights.From my main blog u will noe of the amount of work and life stuff on my hands. Its hectic. Ontop Warhammer news, the SG community for Warhammer is trying to make a revival due to the hobby fading and losing in interest as these past 2 or so years have gone by. But if the revival is prominent, i might take up a position to participate as a occasional gamer. Occasional as i cant say i can commit every weekend. On top of that, i do not think i have alot of time to spare.

In regards to my current progress of highlighting, i cannot promise by next entry it will be done. But i can say there will be minute hands on after this. Bear with me. Next entry will show a few more of the other pics first.

I relief myself of your presence.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Completion of My Knights

Finally, after having a lil time for myself, I was able to complete the Knights with an addition of shading basing and other minor adjustments. So enjoy as my Five Knights take a stroll to display their look and basing that they have.

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The Knights of the Realm

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The Knights in line, with basing done

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Knights on the March, Noticed the shadings are done by me. Nothing to do with Lighting

Well I will be doing my next few Knights. not too sure if i will feature tht. I might be looking for other peeps figures that are painted, since u people want to see something different from different races. But tht will depend if i can find any :p.

Till the next entry. JQ Signing Off ;)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Attack Formation!

Another week gone, yet another photo of the Bretonnian-High Elf Coalition in attack formation as the lower echelon of Bretonnian Bowmen and High Elf Great Swords combine arms.

The Bretonnian Bowmen will essentially provided volleys of arrow against the enemy before the High Elf GreatSwords clash before the worn-down enemy. In the midst of this tactical assault, the High Elf Spearmen will be behind providing defense against calvary and infantry for the Bowmen.

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Love my dynamic camera for capturing the lively colours of this pic. Great paint job by WT for his High Elf Greatswords, though i reckon it is much time dedicated for each figure. On the other hand, decent work by myself :P bleh. Just that humans don't look as pretty as Elves.

Knights still not done yet! but the paints have been bought. Should be sorted out before next monday. I said "shpuld be" though. No promises.